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Your boats are expensive. Whether you have a boat for recreation, for work or just because. These “toys” are a real investment and some of them can cost as much as or more than your home.

When you look for storage, security should be the first priority. If you aren’t going to find a secured place to store your boat, you may as well park them on the curb.

Follow the maintenance list for storage that came with your boat, but here are a few items that you will want to check.

  • Make sure it is clean, inside and out. You don’t want food left in the motor home or worms in the boat that will spoil.
  • If you are leaving items with batteries, remove the batteries to avoid corrosion.
  • Fuel and other engine liquids should all be checked, filled, and treated. Start the engine to circulate the protectant.
  • Remove all items of value. (This is always a good habit.)
  • Covers are a good idea, especially on smaller boats.

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